It’s Potty Time!

February 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

When I was in college I worked at a toy store.  It was of the upscale variety that soothed parent’s reservations about buying yet another plaything because, in addition to being entertaining, these toys were also educational.   A train table sat in the middle of the store and, on most mornings, was host to a group of kids playing and moms chatting.  And at least several times a week the following scene would unfold:

Unseen child: I HAVE TO GO POTTY!

It was a battle call that rallied the moms from their conversations, heads simultaeously snapping to attention.  With all the hillarity and mayhem of a French Farce, the moms would scramble to figure out who’s child had sounded the alarm.  Eventually the mom of the offending child would emerge, kid in tow, and frantically ask me for the bathroom.

After showing her through the storeroom I’d chuckle as I went back to my work.  How could a bathroom break cause such panic?

And now it’s me, running around like chicken little with my head cut off when my little boy shouts “IT’S POTTY TIME!”.  The sky is falling; it lands as a puddle of pee on the floor.

Out Blogged

February 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

The blogosphere is full of talented people with blogs that make me feel a bit out blogged.  Beautiful pictures that look like magazine pages, accounts of fun family outings, and organized goal lists; they all leave me with the feeling that my blog doesn’t measure up.  Which may be why I abanded it. 
For me, blogging didn’t stem from a love of writing.  It began because I needed something to do when I suddenly found myself home all day with an infant.  Blogging seemed like the thing to do for trendy moms.  So maybe that was the problem, I wanted my blog to be like other blogs.  I found myself posting less and less because I didn’t have some profound insight, or fun adventure, or the perfect picture.   I wanted my life to fit the kind of blog I wanted rather than creating the kind of blog that fit my life.
Why am I back?  Because I’m finding I miss the community that blog posting and blog commenting creates and I’d like to participate again.  Because when I stopped my blog I also stopped reading many other blogs I had come to enjoy.  
So here I am with a new blog, and {hopefully} a new outlook on blogging.  It may not be clever, or artistic, or inspiring, but I hope it will at least be a little entertaining. 🙂 

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