Out Blogged

February 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

The blogosphere is full of talented people with blogs that make me feel a bit out blogged.  Beautiful pictures that look like magazine pages, accounts of fun family outings, and organized goal lists; they all leave me with the feeling that my blog doesn’t measure up.  Which may be why I abanded it. 
For me, blogging didn’t stem from a love of writing.  It began because I needed something to do when I suddenly found myself home all day with an infant.  Blogging seemed like the thing to do for trendy moms.  So maybe that was the problem, I wanted my blog to be like other blogs.  I found myself posting less and less because I didn’t have some profound insight, or fun adventure, or the perfect picture.   I wanted my life to fit the kind of blog I wanted rather than creating the kind of blog that fit my life.
Why am I back?  Because I’m finding I miss the community that blog posting and blog commenting creates and I’d like to participate again.  Because when I stopped my blog I also stopped reading many other blogs I had come to enjoy.  
So here I am with a new blog, and {hopefully} a new outlook on blogging.  It may not be clever, or artistic, or inspiring, but I hope it will at least be a little entertaining. 🙂 

§ 4 Responses to Out Blogged

  • Callie says:

    Well, I’m glad you are back to blogging, and I’m looking forward to reading more! I actually enjoy blogs that aren’t perfect more than those blogs that look like magazines, because I read for the people behind the blogs, and non-perfect blogs are so much more relatable. 🙂

  • Danielle says:

    Me too! Like the title!

  • Briana says:

    I’m glad you’re blogging again but I, too, can identify w the struggle to blog when there are so many other more “professional” blogs out there. So, I just write mostly for myself to maintain the practice of writing for another season when I hope to write more diligently and often.

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