Let’s Talk About Penguins

March 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

Two has always seemed a cute age to me.  An age when kids start talking more and giving glimpses into how their minds work.  Liam has recently been entertaining us with his conversations and oversvations.

Let’s talk about penguins

Liam: “Let’s talk about penguins”

Joel: “ok, what do you know about penguins?”

Liam: “waddle, waddle waddle”

The little purple pillow

Apparently someone at daycare has a little purple pillow for nap time.  Liam talked about it one weekend at every bed time. 

Liam: And maybe, I wish, we could buy one for me at the store for me…but in black

Turns out that the little purple pillow is a purple lady bug Pillow Pal mini.  We found a brown monkey pillow pal at the store. It’s not black but it has replaced the much loved bear-bear.

That’s Hillarious

Me:  “Liam, if you go poop in the potty you can have TWO chocolate chips!”

Liam: “That’s hillarious”

Yup, I’m laughing all the way to the oxyclean bucket.

We can maaaaaaake it!

Joel sitting on the couch one afternoon with Liam on his lap: “Ugh, Daddy needs more coffee.”

Liam: “Daddy needs a beer.”

Joel: “We don’t have any, buddy.”

Liam, jumping down and rudding to the kitchen: “Yeah, we can maaaaaaaaake it!”

Liam on muffins

“It’s like a cupcake”

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