Sunflower + Egg = Green

September 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

A while back, my husband sent me the link for this cookie recipe with the word “Yum!”.   I finally got around to trying them over the weekend.   If you’ve got a specific craving for warm, gewy, chocolate chip cookies, this probably won’t fill it.  But if you’re regularly looking for a treat in the middle of the afternoon with just the right amount of sweetness, then give these a try.  They’re grain-free so while I feel like I’m eating carbs, I’m actually not.

After Liam and I did our taste test, I thought how great they’d be to send with him to daycare as an afternoon snack or part of his lunch.  But alas, his daycare is a nut-free zone.  Undaunted, I whipped up another batch, substituing sunflower butter for the almond butter and sunflower seeds for the walnuts.   Sunflower lent an earthier, slightly less sweet taste than almond, but overall still good. 

Except…they turned green! 

The color of cooked spinach to put it nicely; reminiscent of a cow pie to put it honestly. 

Liam ate it, said he liked it, and seemed not to notice the odd color. 

So if you need, or want, to be grain-free, try a batch of these with almond butter.  If you need to be nut-free as well, or if your kids would find green food neat, then give them a try with sunflower butter!

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